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Hart DeNoble Builders, Inc. is excited to present our Fall 2022 Parade home, located in the Carriage Ridge subdivision in the Town of Westport.


One of life’s greatest rewards is the opportunity to design and build a custom home. It represents and reflects your taste, your desires and your character. That is why the builder you select is such an important part of the building process. Not just any builder can bring a dream to life. It is a skill taught by experience and perfected by passion for how you live and how they build. At Hart DeNoble Builders, we dedicate all our energy and resources to the design and construction of distinguished homes that continually exceed expectations of our customers on all levels. Quality, beauty, function, livability and value! From beginning to end, Hart DeNoble Builders maintains the process of fulfilling our obligation in offering the very highest in residential building quality for every one of our homeowners.


With almost 5,000 square feet of finished space this home effortlessly flows from the entrance all the way through to the pool in the backyard. The interior design concept of this home features transitional design with an organic undertone. The floor plan is functional for an active family, and the design is casual and refined, including a hockey rink in the basement. The color pallet is clean, neutral and understated. Earthy, trending color tones are introduced throughout, with wall detail and material textures. Mixed metals are used to create depth in each space, and the lighting is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern designs. A balanced look is created by contrasting warm wood tones throughout the hardwood flooring, cabinetry, beams and wall detail, as well as the furnishings.


We look forward to talking to you about designing and building your next home.


GPS Coordinates

43.16622, -89.44022

5790 Derby Downs Dr
Waunakee, WI


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